What is CBE?
Competency-based education (CBE) is an innovative educational model in which degree completion is determined through demonstrated learning rather than time. CBE programs are designed to "accelerate students' progress-to-degree while assuring the quality and validity of that degree" (www.cbeinfo.org). Students who enroll in CBE programs are provided the opportunity to earn credit based on their previous knowledge and experience and apply that credit toward a degree or credential. They then progress through the program at their desired pace, demonstrating learning by mastering core competencies reflecting knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes acquired through related coursework. Because of this design, CBE programs often can be completed quicker and with less expense than traditional college degree programs.

Stanly FITS - Flexible, Individual, Timely Studies - is Stanly Community College's CBE program. Stanly FITS currently offers the Information Technology - Network Management degree in CBE format but other degree programs will be available as the model is expanded.

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